Benevolence Story: Elizabeth Otulakowski of Erie, PA

I frequently shop at Erie County Farms. Last spring, I was talking to one of the ladies, Bree, who works in the deli. She was telling me of her dream to open a hotel in Jamaica, where her grandma used to live. She said she was working on getting her GED, but was struggling to understand the math. She said that she didn't want to be 60 years old and still be working at the same dead end job. I think it's important to have a dream and work for it and so I was encouraging her to go for her dream. Sometimes when I shop at the store I ask her how school is going and I try to encourage her to keep pursuing her goal. When I got the $30 from the Benevolence Fund, my husband suggested I give it to her to help fund her dream. I know that $30 is only a little of what she needs, but I hope she feels loved and encouraged to keep trying.