Benevolence Story: Donna & Dennis Fortin of Waterford, PA

When we received the money from The Big Give we prayed about who we would give it to . It shouldn't be a problem being lead to someone with a need in these hard times. Nothing came to us and I felt a little let down. Did I miss an opportunity some where ? Well nothing came so we decided we would give the money back to the church as directed.We were out of town the first Sunday in January, and that's when the Lord showed us a need. We came across a family who heats with a fireplace and that's usually good enough for them. But when the temperatures dipped down to -15 degrees the fireplace wasn't enough to keep their home warm. That first night the temperature dropped down to 36 degrees in their home. Way too cold for anyone to live in. We contacted their local supplier of propane and found out they had an outstanding bill that couldn't pay so we ordered and paid for some propane to help them out. I'm so thankful God showed us a need to bless someone else.