Benevolence Story: Audree Cook of Edinboro, PA


So it is Christmas time and the church has given us each an envelope containing $30 to help someone with one request "Pray asking God to show you how to use this money to help someone." So that is just what I did! After saying my nightly prayers, I woke up the next morning totally confused! There was no magical voice from the skies that told me what to do but instead, a feeling that I needed to help 2 families out. Utterly torn, I decided to pray again that night for some help with my dilemma and I awoke the next morning with the perfect answer! Take the 30 dollars and give it to a cousin who has lost her job and has a broken down car and give her that giant eagle gift card that's been lying around. Match what the church has given you (and maybe a little more) and buy some presents for the other family whom has 2 small children and are struggling to provide presents for them. Now I'm not rich and struggle myself from time to time but I did have some money to do just this. So I'm hoping this little bit helps and in the envelope I included a card from the church as well as a little saying that says this......"Do not think of this as a donation, think of this as 'God is with you' for he is the one that has guided me to do this!"