Benevolence Story: Dan Hering of North East

I am a teacher in North East and have the opportunity to work with many teenagers in that community. I was keeping my eyes and ears open throughout the week to find a student or colleague that I could bless with the 9:13 project funds.I was talking to our school guidance counselor about a couple of children that were experiencing financial difficulties at home and knew they were the ones I needed to give the money to. Throughout the past year, there were times they had been without power at home because their parents were not able to pay the bills. I decided to use the money to give them each a Wal-Mart gift card. When my father-in-law (Pat Brady) found out what I was doing, he decided to add his funds so I could give each girl a $40 gift card. I placed the gift cards in an envelope with the invitation to the Christmas Eve service. When I gave the envelopes to the girls, I explained that our church was doing some random acts of kindness by giving some gifts to people for Christmas, and I wished them a Merry Christmas.