Benevolence Story: Rose Acker of Saegertown

Rose Acker

My husband and I were looking for the right person to give our gift. I missed an opportunity at Walmart, when two employees, who were stocking shelves, were talking as i shopped and the one was sharing how they can never get ahead, it seems the bills keep piling up. When I was putting my groceries in my car trunk, I realized I had the money with me and missed an opportunity. My husband missed his opportunity as he was reminded when he saw a man who is raising two grandchildren and lost his wife last year pass him in his car. He tried to catch up and flag him down, but was not successful.

I had in mind a widow the day we received the gift money. I told my husband on Christmas Eve Day that I wanted to stop on the way to Christmas Eve Service and drop off an envelope. I knew that her family would be attending a Service that night in her local church. I felt lead to add a $20.00 bill of my own, and as we were leaving my husband said to add his in the envelope.

We stopped at her home and her daughter answered the door and said her mother was getting ready for the evening and I left it in her hands with a note explaining how God had directed us to give her this offering. She called me on the cellphone before we arrived at McLane Church and shared how she and a co-worker at the Edinboro Manor had come to talk about this girl's desire to be home for Christmas, but didn't have money for gas. This widow went in her purse and had $100.00 and handed it to this girl. This girl knew that the widow did not have extra money to spare and asked why she would do such a kind act. The widow explained that God would provide for her and prompted her to give the money. This girl had never heard of such an act.

The widow went on to explain to me that as she opened the envelope, she knew this was a God Moment of encouragement to her. She counted the money twice, yes, $100.00, the exact amount she had given away in faith! She will share with her co-worker when she returns from her family gathering in Harrisburg area how a faithful God provides.