Benevolence Story - Renee Start of Edinboro

My husband and I prayed and prayed once we received the money, on the best way to give the money to someone to truly needed it. I searched the newspaper, the news and searched Craigslist. I searched all week, then on Friday I once again typed need help on Craigslist. We were starting to worry that we would not be able to find someone special to help this holiday. While looking on Craigslist we seen an ad appeared for a single mother that was not asking for money, for any items for her daughters. Her daughters are 1 and 4 years old. As soon as I read this I emailed her my phone number and asked her to contact us. She contacted me a short time later and we informed her that we would like to take her Christmas shopping for her daughters. She said she did not have a car, so we drove to the east side of Erie to pick her and her daughters up. We took them to Walmart and told her all about our church and then said that my husband and I were matching what the church was giving. She was so happy that her children would be taken care of, she said she did not know that there were strangers out there that still cared. The mother Jennifer was very worried that their was more than $160 in the shopping cart. We told her that Jesus sent her to us and not to worry that the children needed the toys and clothes. We took our son who is 15 years old and our 6 years old daughter so they could help understand what it meant to help others. This single mother was so thankful that she kept thanking us over and over. We felt such happiness after being able to help someone so much in need. At breakfast this morning at Perkins we seen a man eating alone, this time of year Jesus shows us the people that need a little blessing. So on our way out the door, my husband made sure to pay for his meal. This time of year, miracles are so precious, I am glad that my family was their to help people in need.