Benevolence Story: Jim Mang of Erie

After receiving my envelope last Sunday, I began thinking and praying about who I could help out. I had a few people in mind and thought if God meant for me to help them, He would bring us together. By Thursday it hadn't happened and I figured I needed to be quiet and let God show me. At work on Friday it hit me. I was making my third delivery that week to a company we usually only go to a couple of times a month. Rich the man who handles the loading dock there is a nice guy, but he seems like the type that if he was school age would probably end up eating alone a lot of the time. In fact some of the other employees there make fun of him and while he laughs it off, I can tell it hurts him. I asked Rich if he was ready for Christmas and he said he was but...and his voice trailed off. I said I know the money runs out before the gift list does. He quickly agreed so I asked if he could use a little help. I told him my church had giv en me money to help someone out and I felt it was meant for him. "Your church gave you money?" he said disbelievingly. I said it had a told him a little about the 9:13 project. Wow was all he could say. I gave him the money and a Silent Night card and told him he should check it out. He said he just might do that. What a great feeling it gave me to be able to help someone else out, thank you God and thanks McLane!