My Story: Julie Cox of Guys Mills

PEACE: Something I have struggled with many, many times. I tell myself, give it to God (no matter what the issue) and at the moment I feel like I whole heartedly do. Then for whatever reason I always seem to take it back.A couple weeks ago, Bill preached on Peace. I needed it that week (maybe more than ever). I don't know that I have ever felt a sermon touch me as much as that one (even though it was via video). I knew God was talking to me. Bill said something about prayer and I was thinking, "Ok, tomorrow when the boys are at school and Mark is at work, I will get on my knees and have a heart to heart with God". I wanted to be alone and have that time. Little did I know that Denny would have an "alter call" at the end of the sermon. I knew I needed God in that moment and I longed for Peace. I started to cry and I looked at Mark and said "I need to go forward". The human side of me didn't want to as I was the first one and so afraid but my Spritual side took over and led me to the front of the church. As the song says, "I was sweetly broken and wholly surrendered". I was met by two beautiful ladies who with their arms around me prayed in in those moments there was nothing and no one else but us and God. I am so thankful for this day and this moment. In the last few weeks I have felt more Peace than ever. Are all of my problems solved and is life perfect? Absolutely not but with God leading the way I feel at Peace.