Benevolence Story: Roni Osterberg of Erie

Just this week I pulled into the local Giant Eagle, the parking lot was full. As I drove around looking for a parking place I noticed a couple on a park bench, she visibly upset and crying. The baby buggy was parked between them and he seemed to be trying to consol the woman. I saw him get up and embrace her and she fell into his arms.I approched a short time later and asked if she was ok. She looked at me very kindly and said yes, I will be ok. I handed them the giant eagle card I had purchased from the 9:13 project last week briefly acknowledging that I had been empowered by the church to do so and extending the Christmas service invitation. He turned and looked at me and said very sincerely..."Maam, May God Bless you!" Indeed, I had been blessed! I hope to see them at Christmas service! Thank you McLane Church.