Benevolence Story: Dawn Johnson of Edinboro

The 9:13 project.... after much prayer my daughter Hannah and I decided to put the money we were given together to do something very special for someone in need. On several occasions Hannah has shared with me that there was this girl in her class at Erie Co. Technical School named Annabella who's family had very little income. Hannah wanted to do something extra special so that Annabella could have a nice Christmas. We'd both been praying about how we should use our Project 9:13 monies and Hannah came to me just the other day and ask if we could put our money together so that she could give Annabella $80.00 for Christmas. Hannah wrote a very heartfelt note in a Christmas card; she included the $80.00 and a McLane Church invite to Christmas Eve Services. Not only is it so cool to be able to reach out to others to show Gods love but for me is very special to see my 17yr old daughter wanting to do for others also. She gets it -- She has a heart for others and wants them to feel love.