My Story: Mike Carey of Edinboro

Mike Carey

September 17 2001. It was a sunny warm Sunday afternoon. We all were cooling off in the pool when my Father-in-law stopped over at our house for a visit. His wife of fifty years had passed just a few months before and he was feeling a bit down and out and thought that a visit to the Carey house might boost his spirits. Yes he was missing his wife as well as we. We were also missing our son Brent who had been sent away to Prison the previous summer because of a foolish outing with so called friends that caused him to receive an eighteen month sentence. Four of our other children were going about their activities playing with neighbor friends outside while Denise and I visited with her Dad.

Little Mikey was in his bedroom playing with toys. Mikey, although at age two was quite small for his age. More like the size of an eight or nine month old and so frail. After an hour or so of visiting my father-in law decided to leave and Denise and I went to round up the children.

I called their names, Joey, Maria, Tera, Kyle Time to come home! But Mikey! Where's Mikey!

He's wasn't in his room! He wasn't down stairs! or in the bathroom! He wasn't anywhere!! He can't be outside! He can't get the door opened I screamed! But went outside and started looking and calling him. Where is he?!

I ran back inside to the upper deck to look around the yard. WHAT? What's that in the pool?

Oh MY GOD!! Mikey!! I screamed ! NO! You can't have Him! Screaming to Satan!! The sky seemed to be dark off to my left. But the sun was shining! HE was floating face down in the pool!

HOW DID HE GET OUTSIDE?? HE CAN"T OPEN THE DOORS!! MIKEY!! I jumped into the pool and pulled him to me and pulled him out. Denise called 911. He was so heavy! Filled with water and his diaper as well. Mikey was blue! He wasn't breathing or moving or anything! OH GOD!! HELP ME!! I didn't know what to do. I Knew that Mikey was gone.

But then this really calming feeling came over me and I began to try to do CPR. The water just kept coming out. I looked to the sky to pray to GOD to please help me. And when I looked up I could sense this light, not the sun. A whiter light, like a bubble coming near to us. I sensed this "bubble" surrounding Mikey and I.

I just kept pumping the water out of Mikey, but he wasn't responding. I kept breathing into his mouth and pumping and still so much water continued to come out. I remember feeling useless. But still this sense of calmness. I felt this warmth and sensed this sweet indescribable smell and felt this presence.

We were not alone. I heard this voice, a calming voice saying, Mike, Mikey will be alright. Stand him up, stand him up. So I did and held him close. I could feel Mikey moving! Praise GOD!!

The ambulance workers finally arrived which seemed like forever. He was taken from me. Denise rode with him in the ambulance. At the hospital they did all the tests and ex-rays that they do to drowned victims. After I was at the hospital for a while I remember this woman a Doctor or Nurse I guess coming to me and asking if I was the Dad. She pulled me aside and asked me, What happened? I told her. Mikey had drowned in the pool. She looked at me and said, “No, there are no signs of drowning here.”

Every test we gave can back negative. I felt puzzled, and said well he did. That's why we're here. She smiled at me, put her hand on my shoulder and walked away.

No, we were not alone on that pool deck. All those feelings I had were real. We were sent an Angel. That moment changed my life. There is a God. And there is divine intervention. Mikey is living proof of that. From that moment on for many years I felt like me and my family had this protective "bubble" protecting us. And life was Great!

But then, New Years morning 2009 I was awakened by a phone call from Hamot hospital.

“Is this Mr. Carey?” - I said yes, and she said, “Well, your son Brent is here. He was in a fight and would like you to come here.”

I said out loud, "Now What!?" I had just spoken with him after midnight. He called to wish me a Happy New Year. He was so happy and optimistic about the new year. He was doing great. He had turned his life around.

I was taken to this room where I was greeted by a Doctor and Nurse. They proceeded to tell me of Brent's injuries. They said that in the ambulance his heart had stopped beating. And I said alright, and they got it beating again RIGHT? They looked at me and shook there heads NO.

I said what? Brent's dead? They shook there heads yes. He had such high amounts of alcohol and cocaine in his blood stream that it caused a much more rapid blood flow which filled his lungs and caused him to drown in his own blood.

I said NO, Why GOD?? Satan claimed him. Brent was doing so good and was so happy. The last words that Brent said to me were I LOVE YOU DAD, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Those words will ring in my ears forever!

So now, where do I stand with GOD? I have to believe that he is still there because of what I experienced with Mikey. But why? Why was my only flesh and blood son taken from us? I'm not mad at GOD. I never was mad at him, but at Satan. Satan is so powerful in this world. And we see it every day. GOD and Satan are real! I know that! So I continue, even though it's so hard every day. I continue to walk with the LORD in my heart. I continue to see the good in all people and tell when I can of his truly AMAZING GRACE.