Answers to your questions

Whether you have visited once or have attended weekly over the past few months, we are glad you are a part of McLane Church. Our faith is a journey and along the way, we all need direction and connection.

During the month of January, we’ll once again offer our "Starting Point" class - a small group experience led by Senior Pastor, Brian Kelly, and our Site Pastors, where you’ll find answers to questions like:

  • What is McLane Church all about?

  • How does this church make a difference in my life?

  • How does being connected to the church benefit me and my family?

We hope you’ll join us for "Starting Point" in Edinboro, Erie or Union City during the month of January. If you're interested in attending this class, please write your name, the words “Starting Point”, and your contact information on your Communication Card at church this weekend and place it in the offering. Your Site Pastor will be in touch with you about all of the class details.