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Our leadership team is committed to helping small groups flourish by helping you lead your group well. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you on how to achieve the mission of our ministry:  

To eliminate barriers to give people access to creating environments where people are encouraged and equipped -- to connect God and other people -- to give and receive care -- and to develop the character of Christ.

Please take a few moments to learn about each of us, and let us know below if you have a preference in who you would prefer to work with as your coach.

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Jim Myers

I, along with my wife Andrea and our five children (now all young adults), were relocated here from Greensburg, PA in 2011.  I work as one of the directors at Penelec and Andrea is in her 6th year with Penn State.  One of the toughest things for me when we arrived in Erie was finding a good church, not a perfect church, but a good, Bible-based church.    Our faith community is very important to me and was a decision that both Andrea and I took very seriously. With that said, after a year or so and with much prayer and discernment, our family landed at McLane church.  We align with the mission of the church, value and trust our pastors and the messages that they preach weekly and truly feel the Holy Spirit working in the church and through the small group ministry.  Just recently I did some research on local churches (local including southwestern Pennsylvania) and was not able to find a church anywhere that had the vibrant small group ministry that we have at McLane church.  Our small groups are truly the hands and feet of Jesus and as a busy professional, I have no reservations about committing my time and energy to this ministry.  Please feel free to email me at if I can be a resource to you or your small group members.

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Andrea Myers

My husband Jim and our five children (all young adults now) were relocated to Erie seven years ago from Greensburg, PA where we had lived for nearly 25 years.  Jim is a director for Penelec and I work in Development and Alumni Relations for Penn State Behrend.  After being involved with small groups in Greensburg for many years, one of the first things that I did to get involved in the Erie community and meet other women was to start a small group in my home.  Since that time, that small group has evolved from an all-women’s group to a mixed group, one of the members being my husband Jim.   A “light bulb” moment for me recently was when I was trying to describe what a small group is to someone.  I decided to describe what a small group IS by describing what a small group IS NOT.  A small group is not a group of “religious experts”….a small group is not “Sunday School” or “Religious Education”.  A small group does not contain perfect Christian people that never question anything about their faith or God or Jesus.  Like our small group mission statement says, “The mission of small group’s ministry is to eliminate barriers to give people access to Christ by creating environments where people are encouraged and equipped to connect with God and other people, to give and receive care, and to develop the character of Christ”. Amen!  Please feel free to email me at or by calling or texting 814-732-0591 if I can be a resource to you or your small group members.

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Christina Graham

I teach 9th grade health at McDowell Intermediate High School and I also work part-time at Scotland Yards.  I've been leading small groups for about 6 years, mostly women's small groups; I also coordinate the McLane Church Volleyball League. My passions include summer, going to the beach, gardening, pretty much anything outside and traveling.  I also enjoy spending time with my husband, two dogs and other loved ones as well as baking and trying new recipes from time to time.  Sometimes I like to be crafty and try new creative things.  I really enjoy that small groups have provided a way for me to build my relationship with God and really study His word and how to apply it in my own life.  I've found that I really enjoy hearing other perspectives from members in my group and challenging me to be a better person in all ways of life. My favorite thing about being a small group leader is having the opportunity to connect with different people and build new relationships.  I have been so blessed to become friends with people I may have never met otherwise.  If I can be of any assistance to you as a small group leader, please feel free to get in touch at

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Tarah Myers

I am employed as an esthetician at ReJuv in Erie.  Would you like to know what that is?  Great!!  Just ask me!! My favorite thing about leading small groups was the relationships I made in every group. I’ve been involved in a McLane Church small group, whether as a member or a leader for about 7 years. I am married to Michael and we have 4 children.  In my off time you can usually find me at a baseball field watching one of my boys play!  I would be glad to help you in any way that you might have need for in leading your small group.  Just shoot me an email at


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