Small Group Information

Please complete this form if you wish to have a poster made to recruit members during our next small group promotion (September or January).  Thanks!

Leader Name(s) *
Leader Name(s)
At which site(s) do you want the poster located?
Typically a poster is hung at the site which the leader attends. Exceptions to this may be made, particularly for a special interest or support group.
Home and/or cell phone number per your contact preference.
Weekly / Bi-weekly / 3 weeks on, 1 week off / Other (describe)
If meeting in a restaurant, please tell which one & it's location.
Women / Men / Couples / Mixed / Singles
If your group has a particular characteristic (support, hobby, service, craft, sport, etc.) let us know!
If undetermined at this time, note it as TBD
If you wish a start date listed for a new study, let us know what it is.
Not necessary to fill out if your McLane Access Roster is accurate and complete.