Spiritual Formation

8 Big Questions of Faith

8 Big Questions

Christianity Today has created an eight-session small group study that takes a look at some of the significant issues of our faith journey.  If your group wants to tussle with some or all of these, consider printing off the lessons that you feel will work well with your gang.  The curriculum is provided courtesy of of Smallgroups.com 8 Big Questions of Faith

Liquid: Mirror Image

Mirror Image is the story of a family who faces dramatic events and must choose how to respond. Based on some of the most famous biblical parables, Mirror Image reminds us that Jesus' teachings ask us to change the way we think in order to be salt and light in the world.  Watch Jesus' parables come to life---in modern day Orange County! Following an ordinary American family facing extraordinary challenges, five thought-provoking 10-minute episodes parallel well-known Bible stories, illustrating that God's Word is just as relevant today as when it was written centuries ago. From John Ward and Jeff Pries.

Lessons based on the following passages:

  • Chapter 1: Matthew 20:1-16
  • Chapter 2: Luke 10:25-37
  • Chapter 3: Luke 15:11-32
  • Chapter 4: Matthew 13:13-23
  • Chapter 5: Matthew 25:1-13
This is a DVD-based study.  McLane GroupLife does not have the video of this study.
The participant guide and DVD are available online for purchase.

Liquid: The 10 (6-10)

Revolutionize your small-group study with John Ward and Jeff Pries's contemporary look at God's laws to his people. You'll see that Scripture is as true today as it was WHEN written! The DVD contains five 10-minute episodes introducting present-day characters whose problems and struggles mirror biblical stories; the 112-page softcover participant's guide has introspective questions and leader's tips.

Liquid: The Ten, 6-10 takes a contemporary look at the ten commandments. A participant's guide for each member of your group will deepen their understanding of God's law and help them to be ready for the group discussions. Five sessions with the corresponding DVD episodes will reveal how Scripture is living and active in today's world and especially their own lives.

McLane GroupLife does not have the DVD for this study.

Participant guide and DVD are available online for purchase.



Liquid: The 10 (1-5)

God's way or the highway? The Ten Commandments were literally written in stone. Now they come to life in The Ten 1-5. Freeway 10 runs through the center of Los Angeles-ten lanes wide and packed with cars. And behind each set of brake lights is a story. In we follow the lives of five different freeway drivers, each one living out one of God's commandments on the streets of the city of Angels. Even today, the Ten Commandments are more than a list of restrictions...they're a road to a better life.

The Ten: 1-5 focuses on the first five of the Ten Commandments. This participant's guide features questions and leader's tips and focuses on present-day characters whose problems and struggles mirror biblical stories, illustrating that God's Word is as true today as it was when it was written.

McLane GroupLife does not have a copy of this DVD.

Participant guides and DVD are available online for purchase.



Walking with God in the Desert

Are you going through a difficult period of life? The loss of a loved one? Unemployment? A crisis of faith? During these desert times, it’s easy to think God has disappeared. In this seven-session DVD, the 12th volume of the Faith Lessons series, discover that it’s only when we are totally dependent on him that we find God is closer than ever.

The DVD features Ray Vander Laan, and is published under the series title "That the World May Know." This volume is the latest release.

The participant guide ("Discovery Guide") includes 35 personal Bible studies included to help you deepen your learning experience between sessions and turn lessons from the past into applications that impact how you live out your faith today.

Participant guides and the DVD are available for purchase online or at your favorite bookstore.


New Life in Christ

It starts with a tiny seed of faith that takes root in your heart. Then, like a tree, it grows into something strong, beautiful, and living whose influence dominates the landscape of your life. This is the nature of life in Christ---something so profound that the Bible says you are literally a new creation. Your new life in Christ is much more than what you experienced at conversion. God wants to open your eyes to all the marvelous things he has given you as his child. This study will help you grasp the hope, the riches, and the great power God has given you through his Son, Jesus.

Participant guides for this study are available for purchase online.

Basic Beliefs

A six-session study on the six basic concepts of the Christian faith that provide a practical framework for how we think, what we value, why we plan and work and hope.

Certain basic beliefs are central to our faith as Christians. Like a great rock, they provide stability and an enduring point of reference through life’s changing conditions. These are not abstract theological concepts; they are truths to live by, providing a practical framework for how we think, what we value, why we plan and work and hope. These beliefs give meaning and purpose to our lives.

This guide looks at six basic beliefs. Any attempt to compress the richness and variety of the Christian faith into six studies may seem a bit presumptuous. Yet the basic concepts of Christianity are not difficult. Within these studies you will be able to investigate the teachings that form the foundation of the Christian faith.

Participant guides for this study area available online for purchase.

Knowing Scripture

A six-session guide to studying Scripture, getting an overview, looking for details, discovering meaning, learning to apply, and praying the Scriptures.

Plant good seed, get good fruit. It’s true of farming and true of life. That’s why Jesus frequently compared the Word of God to seed that ripens to produce heavenly results in our earthly lives. Nothing is more important—and that’s why the Bible is the most important book you will ever read. Through the Scriptures, God speaks to us, challenges us, and encourages us. It’s how he plants the seed of his Word in our hearts.

This guide not only stresses the importance of Scripture, but also teaches us how to study the Bible on our own. Studies include: Why Study Scripture? Getting an Overview, Looking for Details, Discovering Meaning, Learning to Apply, and Praying the Scriptures. Knowing Scripture helps you make the Bible a daily part of your life.

Participant guides are available online for purchase.

Foundations Series


Foundations is the Gold Medallion award-winning complete resource for teaching believers the essential doctrines of Christian faith, providing the theological basis for living a purpose-driven life.

Give your group members the key that can

• enable them to see how beliefs change behavior • lessen their day-to-day stress level • increase their security in an insecure world • help them raise their kids with a right perspective on life • increase their love for and trust in God

The 44 sessions in Foundations will take you for thought-provoking, life-changing explorations of 11 core Christian truths.  NOTE: Your group does not have to do each of the topics in this series...each topic is a stand-alone 4-session subject with its own DVD and participant guide.

A limited number of participant guides and the partner DVDs are available for borrowing from the small groups ministry on request.  

1. The Bible

2. God

3. Jesus

4. The Holy Spirit

5. Creation

6. Salvation

7. Sanctification

8. Good and Evil

9. The Afterlife

10. The Church

11. The Second Coming

Gospel in Life

Join author and pastor Tim Keller in an eight-week, video- based study of the gospel and how to live it out in everyday life. In Week One you and your group will study the city, our home now—the world, that is. Week Eight closes with the theme of the eternal city, our heavenly home—the world that is to come.  In between, you’ll learn how the gospel changes our hearts, our community, and how we live in this world.

Gospel in Life is an invitation to all who seek to live the message of Jesus right here and right now…in our hearts, in our homes, and in the community around us.

Participant study guides and the DVD are available for purchase online.

Session 1,The City–The World That Is Session 2, Heart–Three Ways to Live Session 3, Idolatry–The Sin beneath the Sin Session 4, Community Session 5, Witness–An Alternate City Session 6, Work–Cultivating the Garden Session 7, Justice–A People for Others Session 8, Eternity–The World That Is to Come



Outlive Your Life

Max Lucado presents four DVD sessions that follow the real-life stories of people who are making their lives count. In four DVD sessions designed for individual study or for a small group experience, Max will show you not just why but how to live intentionally so that everything in your life---your time, your skills, your passions---all add up to something bigger than you.

Participant guides and the DVD are available for purchase online.




Heart, from the Serendipity Canvas series, is a DVD-driven small-group experience created to lead group members on an expedition to understand what God reveals to them in the inner most places. Bringing a new multimedia dimension to Bible study, Heart incorporates Scripture, small-group activities, thematic videos, and good old conversation. The design of Canvas Series is flexible, offering opportunities for personal reflection, casual group meetings (with food and snack suggestions), movie nights, and more.

Group members will:

  • Understand the heart as the keeper of their history
  • Discover that the heart is where God is best found and heard
  • Explore what prompts our emotions and what they reveal
  • See the heart as the seat of our emotions
  • Learn that the heart is the place where we most closely bear God's image

The Heart DVD Kit includes:

  • DVDs with original short films to enhance each setting
  • Experience Guide with useful notes and tips for the facilitator
  • Six small-group settings with application elements
  • Group and individual activities that bridge one group setting to the next
Participant guides and the DVD kit are available for purchase online.

Stand Against the Wind

Written by Erwin McManus, this Bible study on character unwraps the concept that character transformation comes, not from facts and proposition, but from standing against the wind to become all God designed you to be.

Character, like a hero asleep within you, just waits to be awakened through your God-given creativity—the integration of heart, mind, and soul—and the resilience afforded you through the practice of humility, gratitude, and faithfulness.

About Stand Against the Wind Member Book:

  • 6 sessions
  • Includes Leader's Guide
Participant guides and the DVD leader kit are available online for purchase.

Life's Toughest Questions

Life is full of questions, but rarely do we get the answers that satisfy our souls. Using the Scriptures as our guide, Erwin McManus leads us in grappling with some of the most meaningful and difficult issues in life.

Topics include:

  • Does God care?
  • Is there a hell?
  • Is Jesus the only way?

About Life's Toughest Questions Study Guide:

  • 6 Sessions
  • DVD-led small-group experience taken from original Mosaic messages
  • Discussion questions included (for the Kit's accompanying 6 videos)


  • Requires only a DVD player and a Study Guide, not expert leaders and facilitators
  • Solid, relevant biblical content and teaching from a trusted pastor and speaker
  • Format helps keep the group focused and completely engaged
  • Study Guide contains supplemental content and a journaling feature that allows group members to engage with the content independent of their small group
Participant guides and the DVD leader kit are available online for purchase.

Old Testament Challenge: Developing a Heart for God

The small group discussion guide for Old Testament Challenge #3: Developing A Heart for God, Life-Changing Lessons from the Wisdom Books. This eight session small group study takes you through the core themes of the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament and unveils truths that will help you grow in your love for God and those around you: David's example of a heart that longs for God, the various kinds of prayer in Psalms, the romance and passion of the Song of Songs, how to flee from folly and grow in wisdom as taught in Proverbs, facing hard times with Job, and then civil war resulting in division ... but God continues to work among his people even though we run from him. Teacher Notes are included.

Participant guides are available for purchase online.

Pursuing Spiritual Transformation Series

Explore fresh, biblically based ways to experience life with God as you pursue authentic spiritual transformation. This series focuses on five important "G's" of a growing faith: Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts, and Giving. Each book in this series includes six sessions that explore the life-giving practices, experiences, and relationships God can use to change us from the inside out.

Includes the following titles from the Pursuing Spiritual Transformation series:


Fully Devoted: Living Each Day in Jesus' Name

The Pursuing Spiritual Transformation series is all about being spiritual. But that may not mean what you think.

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What does that mean? Does spiritual growth seem like an impossible amount of work? Do you have a clear picture of the kind of life you'd live if you were to be more spiritual?

This is the first book in this series, and every lesson is dedicated to one thing—helping you pursue authentic spiritual transformation. Here, the focus is in learning to be fully devoted in the areas of Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts, and Giving.

Each week in preparation for your group meeting, you will be completing a Bible study and experimenting with a variety of spiritual practices. It is very important you complete this work before going to each meeting, because what you discuss is based on what you've learned from the study and what you've observed as a result of your spiritual exercise. These assignments are not the kind where you can procrastinate until an hour before ht meeting and then quickly fill in the blanks. The Bible study and exercises are meant to be thoughtfully and prayerfully completed over the course of several days, not just in one sitting (we recommend doing the study as part of your regular devotional times with God).

We believe your ongoing journey through this material places you on an exciting path of spiritual adventure. Through your individual study time and group discussions, enter into a fresh concept of spiritual live that will delight the heart of God, and your heart, too.

Leader's guide included!

Participant guides are available for purchase online.

Fully Devoted group sessions are:

  • What Is True Spirituality?
  • Grace
  • Growth
  • Groups
  • Gifts
  • Giving
  • We Know Him Well . . .

Groups: The Life-Giving Power of Community

The Pursuing Spiritual Transformation series focuses on personal transformation through the five "G's": Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts, and Giving.

"Groups" invites you to enjoy the rewards - and embrace the risks - of community. Step by step, this study will challenge and encourage you to explore the amazing potential for growth found in authentic relationships. You'll study the true nature of friendship. The power of paying attention. The path to intimacy. The encouragement of being for one another.

The 6 sessions are: This Is a Friendship, Love Pays Attention, Knowing and Being Known, When Community Breaks Down, Forgiveness, Building a Passionately Inclusive Church, and Being "For" One Another.

Participant guides are available online for purchase.

Growth: Training vs. Trying

The Pursuing Spiritual Transformation series focuses on personal transformation through the five “G’s”: Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts, and Giving.

What would your life be like if Jesus lived it? Imagine the change you would experience in your thoughts, actions, and relationships. Think of the joy and freedom that could transform every area of your life. That's exactly what God has in mind for you! You'll find out how in Growth. Through personal study and small group interaction, this study sets you on a path to live out the character of Jesus in this world as only you can. It happens not by trying hard, but by training. By cultivating spiritual disciplines--Scripture meditation, prayer, solitude, endurance, loving others--you'll discover the joy of being transformed by Christ and the freedom of living each day sustained by his power. Leader's guide included!

Growth group sessions are: Training to Live Like Jesus; The Practice of Scripture Meditation; The Practice of Solitude; Simple Prayer; Three Transforming Prayers; The Roundabout Way; And the Greatest of These Is Love.

This is a wonderful mix of personal exercises and growth with group time.

Participant guides are available for purchase.

Giving: Unlocking the Heart of Good Stewardship

The Pursuing Spiritual Transformation series focuses on personal transformation through the five “G’s”: Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts, and Giving.

Giving demonstrates how good stewardship is more than a responsibility---it's an adventure. As you study the connection between your wallet and your heart, you'll learn how money management is a powerful tool for shaping your character. You'll discover how giving is as much a part of spiritual growth as prayer and Bible study. And you'll learn about the rewards of cultivating wise financial habits and a generous heart. Above all, you'll find out how a lifestyle of giving reflects the heart of God, who freely gives his best to you. Includes seven sessions and a leader's guide.

This is a wonderful mix of personal exercises and growth with group time.

Participant guides are available for purchase online.