Weekly Prayer Requests

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We invite your group to include into its prayer time a weekly list that comes from the leaders of McLane Church. Please feel free to use these prayer issues in any way that fits within your own small group prayer time.

Thanks for helping to expand the depth of prayer intercession for McLane Church!



Prayers for this week - 3/20/19

  • For people to realize God’s great love for them.

  • For God’s leading and blessing of Mike as he preaches our Lenten sermon series “Road to the Cross.”

  • For the planning of our Good Friday and Easter services.

  • For our children and youth to experience Christ in a new way during this Lent season and at Easter

  • For a willingness for people to continue serving...with passion.

  • For people who really need Jesus to find him at McLane church and among all of us who attend.

  • For God’s blessing on Pastor Brian as he teaches the New Testament study on Wednesdays through Lent.

  • For our wonderful Life Group leaders to stay strong in their call to shepherd others in God’s kingdom.

  • For a deep desire for growth in the Lord.

  • For people who are struggling with health issues both mental and physical.

  • For Holy Spirit inspired teaching.