Weekly Prayer Requests

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We invite your group to include into its prayer time a weekly list that comes from the leaders of McLane Church. Please feel free to use these prayer issues in any way that fits within your own small group prayer time.

Thanks for helping to expand the depth of prayer intercession for McLane Church!



Prayers for this week - 8/17/17

  • For vision and energy for the entire staff for fall
  • For consistent weekly attendance for our people
  • For our fall sermon series
  • For the Red Carpet Event and ministry preparations 
  • Fall planning in all ministry areas
  • For the Take Me to Worship campaign to be effective
  • Our collaboration with Grace Church next month
  • Reaching the people in our region for Christ
  • For a small group ministry leader for our Erie site
  • For group leaders and ministry volunteers to be fully rested and ready to begin a new year of ministry in the coming year