Minute to Win It - Our Christmas Party


Over 50 McLane small group leaders and spouses came together last week to have some fun, some food, and some great fellowship.  It was fun to see who the competitors were (tick...tick...tick....) and who was a bit more laid back.  Imagine what it might have looked like if there were serious prizes on the line! Games from Minute to Win It were set up throughout the G3 gym, and groups of five or six rotated throughout the area.  M&M's were shuttling, balloons were flying, rubber bands were zinging, pop cans were stacking (and falling), and marbles were rolling.  60 seconds can go by pretty quickly!

After the ice was broken with lots of laughter (and no injuries...except for pride!), we moved over into the G3 auditorium.  Tavia welcomed the leaders and shared a passage from the psalms followed by Roger offering the blessing on the meal.

While Emily Sweeney and a small band of wonderful volunteers did their magic in the kitchen whipping up a nice meal starting with a tasty salad, a number of our leaders served as hosts for the tables, shuttling in bread-bowls with some wonderful soup, and finishing off the meal with some tasty pie options.  What's not to like?

After the soup, Brian shared his thoughts on the critical role that small groups play in the life of McLane Church, emphasizing that none of this can happen without the commitment of the leaders in the room to help people connect to God and to others in community.

Following the dessert course, everyone was invited forward in order of their length of group leadership to select a coffee mug as a token of appreciation for their service throughout the years.  Back at the table, everyone was encouraged to show their mug to the others, explaining its significance and why they had chosen that particular cup.

If you were unable to make the party this year, please know that we do appreciate your heart for small group ministry and the sacrifice of time you are making to help the Lord touch the lives of your small group members.

May your Christmas be filled with the joy of Emmanuel (God with us)!