Dear Small Group Friends...

I have a funny story to share.
7 months ago I resigned.
I prayed.
I played.
And did a bunch of other stuff,
some I liked and some I didn't.
Then, this week, I came back.
Back to lead small groups @ McLane Church.
It feels a little like coming home after being away.

The funny part is that I didn't expect to be back.

The story part is longer and the reason I am back.
The story part has words like
"discovery" and "rediscovery,"
"simplicity" and "single-mindedness,"
"re-prioritizing" and "aligning."

I'm grateful for the story.

And I'm happy with the ending.
And, like all good stories, the ending seems to fit,
like a well-loved shoe fits,
or when a well-chosen gift fits
someone's passion and personality.

And, while for me it's been a 7 month story with a surprise ending,

it leaves me happy and wanting more.

I plan to continue praying and playing,

and doing a bunch of other stuff that includes leading small groups @ McLane Church.

What can I say?

I really like you guys!