Choosing Your Curriculum

How do you choose small group curriculum?

Great question...and not too soon to begin praying about it and talking with your group members.  There are a TON of options choice is not a problem.  So how do you decide? And where do you look for the information?  Glad you asked...because curriculum choice is one of the very important aspects of small group leadership.  And how you select your study is important.



The How

There are studies that are sermon-based, video-based, book-based, Bible-based, topical...the variety of choices can be confusing. has provided a good article that helps you understand the differences of these, and may help you to narrow down your list of choices.  If you like this article and would like to read more information from the resource it comes from, let us know and we'll get a free hard copy of that booklet to you.


The Where

Once you have decided what kind of study you want to do, where do you look to find the specific curriculum?  Visit this page on our website for some help with that question.



Finally...if you need some assistance with this, call on us for help!  Your McLane GroupLife site leaders are ready to come alongside and assist you with making a curriculum selection that will provide what you are looking for.

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Erie: Matt & Amber Livermore (

Union City: Bruce & Laura Lee Thomas (