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The difference between living for Jesus and living with Jesus

By T. David Beck

Note: This article is excerpted from Luminous.

There is a vast difference between living for Jesus by knowing and doing religious things, and living with Jesus by walking each day in his presence. Living for Jesus might start out looking great, but it eventually leads to a lifeless existence of going through the Christian motions. We can go to church, be nice, read the Bible, pray, give money, and create a safe home—and over time grow tired and passionless. For practicing Christians, this is an alarmingly common trap.

I know well the hollowness of this life. Even after an amazing mission trip to Haiti, like an addict I have found myself relapsing into going through the motions for Jesus. The more hectic life gets, the more I want to gobble up information for solving my most urgent problems and hunker down with my to-do list. Jesus recedes into the background. I like to think I have staked everything on my relationship with Jesus, so when I realize that I have relapsed, I'm flooded with all sorts of distressing thoughts. Maybe I shouldn't be a pastor is one of those three-o'clock-in-the-morning topics. And yet I feel that experiencing this struggle is exactly one of the reasons God called me to be a pastor.

Against Multitasking

Living with Jesus is a completely different experience. It is an intensely personal encounter with God, whoever is in front of me, and whatever is happening. It is open-hearted and multi-sensory. It is being right here, in this moment. It is a radical alternative to our growing social norm of being so saturated in multitasking that we can pay only continuous partial attention to God or people.

We are returning to the thoroughly relational heart of the Christian faith. We are pulling Jesus' Great Commandments to love God and people off the shelf of memorable teachings and implementing them as a moment-to-moment way of life. There is nothing richer. When we live with Jesus, we find his words to be true: "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10).

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