Small Group Update: Discovering Computers

Sam Wager & Ron Motter

This hands-on course was designed by class leader Sam Wager to help "newbies" learn more about the basics of operating their computers.  It was hitting a sweet spot for the class participants such that the original 4-session class was expanded to 8 classes by request.  We asked Sam to share a little about the class. "Teaching the computer class has been a true blessing for me.  I am getting to do what I know how to do best - teach people.  I absolutely love it and apparently they love my way of teaching."

This Midweek Experience class uses PowerZone room 303, a location ideal for the relatively small class size (about 10 people).  The students are set up at small 4' tables, which gives them enough surface to use their own laptops.  Sam uses a projector to display the teaching materials on one wall for the general course material, but then he takes time during each class to do some one-on-one training with each of them.  Sam says that it seems to be an effective mix of teaching styles, and the members are happy to wait their turn as Sam attends to a question from another class member.  "They have told me how much more they know now thanks to me."


From the basic four week curriculum, the class wanted to learn about how to use a word processing program, and so an additional session was added to help members learn how to use Microsoft Word.  This week Sam will be demonstrating the proper way to burn a CD or DVD.