Tavia's Thoughts - Looking Back with Gratitude

Tavia Thank you for coming out for our Group Leader’s Christmas celebration last Thursday.  I want everyone to know what a remarkable year it has been and how thankful I am for what you have done.

By leading a small group you create the foundation of McLane Church.  You are involved in the personal, life-on-life discipleship that was modeled by Christ.  The time you give, the love you show, and the encouragement you offer allows people to connect over things that are of primary importance in their lives.  You make a tremendous difference by sharing the journey of knowing God, loving God, and living behind His lead. Thank you for serving in this important ministry.

This Fall we have enjoyed powerful and heartfelt comments from those in your small group. Their love for you and what you do is obvious.  They love to share what they have learned, how they have changed, and what a difference you and your group has made in their lives.

People who never understood the Bible, now say, “It’s coming clear.  The pieces are fitting together for the first time!” 

People who had no idea how to formulate a conversation with God, let alone pray out loud in a group, have started to pray.  They now know how to share their pain, their requests, and live connected to Jesus in the midst of their day.

You and your groups take meals to those who are sick, or to people who have lost a loved one.  You walk alongside parents who have lost a child.  You make hospital visits, extending love in life’s darkest moments.  You become the prayer partners and comfort- givers to those with cancer.  You do the frontline work of ministry.  You seek God and humbly persue the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you move toward these delicate and painful experiences.  Thank you for serving in these difficult situations.

It is also wonderful to hear the stories of the fun times in GroupLife.  Vacations, weddings, newborn babies, camping trips, Friday game-nights, Monday-Night Football, pizza and wing outings, and Presque Isle breakfast meetings create the moments of laughing and playing together.  I think Christ loves to see our groups enjoying the life He created for us.  Thank you for making this important in your groups.  Thank you for bringing joy to people.

I could go on with 100 more examples of incredible group moments you created this year as you served God through the ministry of small groups.  I haven’t even mentioned all the ways you and your groups donate time and resources to service projects in the church and in our communities. It is remarkable and it is powerful.  Thank you for what you do.

Please know that Roger and I pray for you regularly.  We believe that it will strengthen you and your group.  We pray for the “power of Christ in you” as you lead where you are.  We always enjoy hearing from you, whether it is the happy-success moments in your group, the challenges you might be facing, the plans you are making or might want to talk-over, or the prayer requests that you would like us to join you in praying for.  It is a great honor to work with you in McLane GroupLife.   Thank you for all you do!