Do Small Groups Make a Difference? What's Your Story?

McLane Church has long been a church of small groups.  We feel that it is a vitally important aspect of our connection to others and to God.We would like to hear what difference your involvement in small groups has made in your own life.Was there a moment in time when being in a group has made a significant impact?  Have you seen God working in some way because of your involvement either participating in or leading a small group?
In the coming months various ministry areas of McLane Church will be highlighted on the weekend.  GroupLife is up to bat in January, and we are looking forward to telling some wonderful stories that will encourage others to consider giving small groups a try.  Perhaps God can use your story.Please get in touch with us and share your own story, and/or encourage someone in your group who you feel has a good story to contact us.

Here are four ways you can do this:

  1. Post your story below in the "Reply" area.
  2. Send us an email (
  3. Give us a call and tell us.
  4. Catch us (Tavia or Roger) on the weekend at the MAP or the GroupLife Center (in Edinboro) and share with us.

If you have a wonderful story, but are not comfortable with it going public, please tell it to us in private.  We will not share anything that is told us in confidence but would still like to know how God is using this ministry in the lives of the people of McLane Church.  Thanks!