Roger's Ramblings

Do you journal?  I find that starting the day with a brief time of journaling is a great way to prepare my mind and heart for the day ahead.  I usually do it following some time in the Bible and a couple of good devotionals.  I use the app Day 1 on my iPad (that allows me to read the journal on my phone or computer as well) to write the entries.  Here is my journal from this morning.

Of Sorrow and Broken Walls

Today's devotional reading took me to learning the value of sorrow in building character. It took me to the fulfillment of Jeremiah's prophecy that Nebuchadnezzar would successfully destroy Jerusalem (it took two and half years to break through the wall of the city!). It took me to a reminder of God's desire that we love by serving others. It challenged me to define some of my core spiritual beliefs and be prepared for them to be challenged in the midst of the day ahead.

Living for Christ is both a joy and a challenge. There is much to be learned in every circumstance of life. Am I willing to keep my ears and eyes open, and to bring what I observe before God in prayer to seek wisdom? Will I seek to see God's plan in every circumstance of life...even the crushingly painful ones? Will I be faithful to God, willing to defend what He has said is true and real, in the face of ridicule?

How I prepare for and respond to life circumstances says much about how serious I take what I profess to be true...that Jesus Christ is Lord (and my Savior), and that the Bible is God's word to us...worthy to be read, believed, and used as a guidepost to life. Am I up to the challenge? Am I pursuing God with passion, not just going through the motions? Will I be willing and able to put it all on the line for Jesus when it counts? I pray that the answer to these questions is yes.

God, please help me to daily learn from you and stockpile what you teach me so that it is easily within reach when I have need for it. Give me the passion for you such that I am willing to endure ridicule and scorn to defend and proclaim what is true. Help me to speak clearly, passionately, and in love (as opposed to being motivated by fear or hate) to reveal you to others who have been blinded by the evil one to the Truth. Amen.