10: The Ten Commandments - Small Group Options


Our spring sermon series kicks off right after Easter.  It will be running for a total of 12 weeks, including two weeks of introduction (April 6/7 & 13/14) followed by one week for each of the Commandments beginning on April 20/21. This series will run through the month of June. We wanted to provide a couple of different study options for this series.  One should be right for your group.


  • Some groups like to take a break over the summer, and may indeed wind down their discipleship mode by the middle of May, and thereafter swing into a summer mode of occasional get-togethers for social activities.  If that sounds like your gang, you may want to consider purchasing the New Community study from Bill Hybels.  It is six sessions long.  We will have a limited number of copies of this book available for review/purchase at the MAP this weekend with a special $5 price.  For your convenience, click here for a preview of Session 1 of the study & leader notes for evaluation purposes.
  • On the other hand, if your group is planning to continue meeting through the end of June, you may want to use a curriculum from the UK that we are adapting to work with our format.  This study will be included in the Weekender during the series starting on April 20/21 (Boro).  Click here to see what session 1 of this material looks like.  It is formatted for 8.5"x14", so you will not be able to print it out unless you have legal size paper.  It will also be available this weekend at the MAP along with the Bill Hybels study for your review.

Hopefully you will find one of these to your liking and group lifestyle.  Questions?  Get in touch via email (grouplife@mclanechurch.org), phone (734-1907 ext. 40), or drop by the MAP or GroupLife Center (Boro) on the weekend.