Lent Study Ideas

Small Group Studies of Jesus

Our next sermon series will be entitled Jesus is immediately following PowerZone Weekend and will run up to Easter.  We will not be publishing sermon-based curriculum for that series, as many groups will still be finishing up the Galatians study during that time.  However, if your group will have completed that material and would like to have something that is focused on Jesus during the season of Lent, we have a few ideas for you to consider.  We have sample copies of each of these studies in the GroupLife Center if you would like to drop by and review them while you're at the church.


DVD-Based Studies


The Case for Christ

The Controversial Jesus

Deeper Connections Series - several studies of Jesus


Online Video-based Studies

Our membership with RightNow Media provides small group leaders with a large selection of video group studies.  If you are not yet connected with RNM and would like to check it out, send us an email and we'll help you come on board with that wonderful resource.


Non DVD-based Studies

Fully Devoted: Living Each Day in Jesus' Name

Reality Check Series - Several different studies of Jesus