Fresh Air Sermon Series - Small Group Curriculum

McLane Church is starting off 2013 with a breath of fresh air...from the book of Galatians! We are providing a small group curriculum written by Scot McKnight (you may have heard him speak at the Willowcreek Global Leadership Conference) and Karen Lee-Thorp, a well known curriculum producer.

Galatians: Living in Freedom and Love is a six-session study.  A book-only study, not a DVD based study, it explores both the historical meaning of the biblical text and its contemporary significance.  We feel it will nicely compliment the Fresh Air sermons and give you lots to think about!

Sample first chapters will be available at the MAP (Boro and Union City sites only) this weekend. If your group is ready to get started, one book per group is available beginning this weekend in Edinboro, and next weekend at each of the sites.  If members of your group want additional copies, they are available for purchase at CBD for a very reasonable cost.

As always, we have looked at lots of curriculum options and feel this best fits our small group needs.   However, if for any reason, this is not the right selection for your group and you would like to "tailor fit" a curriculum, we are happy to listen and help in any way we can. Our desire is to see your group healthy and successful.

We would like to see everyone at McLane Church get connected to others in a small group. We will be promoting GroupLife this weekend, suggesting folks who don't already have a small group sign up for one at the MAP.

If your group would like to add a few new folks, please let us know ASAP.  Please confirm for us your meeting day & time, whether you are meeting weekly or every other week, what type of group (i.e. couples, women's, etc.) and the location of your group meetings.  Finally, let us know how many people that you would like to add to your group.  You may contact us by return email; by phone to 734-1907 ext. 40; by filling out a MAP card; or by dropping by to visit us at the GroupLife Center.