Tavia's Thoughts - We Can Help!

Planning a schedule and choosing a curriculum are key to the success of a new small group.  That's obvious.  It is also a challenge for on-going groups.

Fortunately, we have a lot of resources to help you with that.  The GroupLife Center at the Boro is always available for you to browse through sample curricula.  You can see the whole book and even review the DVD.  Please come in any time.  It is one way God can inspire you to lead well.  Those curricula are also available here on our group leader website so you can review them day or night, wherever you are.  And best of all -  we love to help our hosts in this area.  

Every group is unique and there are so many ways to make a group work, it may be helpful to talk it over with someone.  Please let me or any one in GroupLife know and we will be glad to listen and assist with some ideas.  We know the curricula pretty well and we may be able to save you some time figuring out how to use a study.

This weekend I enjoyed helping a long time small group leader look at four different ways that she could manage time to accomplish her goals.  Her goals were to deal with the emotion of grief, since their group had navigated several deaths this past year. She also wanted to continue expanding their new passion for individually reading God's Word by staying connected to the sermon series.  I'm excited to see what God has in store for their January meetings and I'm glad I can pray for her more specifically.   We want to help make your group the best it can possibly be!