Don't Share Everything!

Three Things You Should Keep to Yourself

Although there are multiple ways to lead a small group, healthy groups always have relational warmth. That warmth is what helps group members connect and motivates them to continue attending. If a small group lacks relational warmth, members will experience awkward interactions, forced conversations, and surface-level relationships.

Leaders can foster relational warmth within their group by focusing on transparency. Members should be encouraged to share questions, struggles, and weaknesses, knowing they won't be rejected. When we share transparently with one another, we're reminded that we're all human and desperately need Christ and one another.

In order for transparency to be sustained, both leaders and group members must participate. Transparency is a two-way street. We expect our group members to be transparent. We genuinely care for them and wish to help them in any way that we can. But what about our transparency?

As a leader, you must model transparency in your group. But there are three things that you should never openly share with members—otherwise you might be modeling the wrong kind of sharing.

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