Tavia's Thoughts - Cool Stuff!

Each weekend I leave the McLane Church worship experience incredibly blessed by the stories I hear and the service I see people do.  Often they are so close to my heart that I don't easily talk about them.  For some reason I'm compelled to share a few stories with you this week.

I was sitting at a table at the new Union City building watching the bright entrance fill up with chatter, kids, and lots of activity.  It was good to see.  These moments always make me happy.  But the best, was when a new attender bought the NLT Life Application Bible from our Guest Services.  She had lots of questions about how to use the Bible, where to find things, and why it seemed so much easier to understand. It was inspiring to watch someone be discipled in such a practical way.

Two weeks before that, I sold a Bible at the Boro to a long time attended of our church.  When she handed me her check, she told me she was paying for two because she wanted to donate a Bible for someone "who might need a Bible in Union City." VERY cool!  But Who and How?  Right after this, I "just happened" to be going from the Boro to the 11:00 Worship Experience in Union City.  There I met a first time visitor who, guess what....needed that Bible!  She hadn't read a Bible in years because she couldn't understand "those old words".  She came to church for the first time because, again, a long time attender of McLane had invited her and picked her up that morning.  And ya' know what else is cool?  My new friend is in a small group and she hasn't missed a Sunday!

Finally, I'm inspired by the "can do" spirit of the small group leaders at Forward Hall.  They are overcoming some unique barriers by meeting in restaurants.  They are also a lot of fun!  They wanted to get groups "front and center" so they wore mustaches bought at the Dollar Store while they handed out the Choices workbooks and signed up people for their groups. 6 new, full groups are the result.  That's a lot of people reading their Bibles, and asking questions and seeking answers, and being discipled.

And it all leaves me humbled and grateful and joyful and prayerful.  I hope you have moments like these.  Cause they're pretty cool!