Choices - Small Group Curriculum

We face choices each and every day.  Thousands of them.  How many of them are influenced by our faith and our desire to honor God?

Our fall sermon series is based on the Old Testament of 2 Kings.  We will see the choices that were made, and what the results of those choices in  ancient Israel that can inform the way we make our own choices in life.

Week 1


Starting this week (following the 9/22-23 message), we are switching over to using the BibleX curriculum from Lifechurch.  The thinking here is that this material will supplement the Old Testament historical material that is being preached on the weekend.  This broadened perspective of the Hebrews' experience prior to the coming of Jesus will give your group members a good survey of the first part of their Bibles, as well as providing opportunities for valuable life application discussion in your group gatherings.

If you do not have one of the workbooks that have been created, please stop by the GroupLife Center and pick one up.  For your convenience, we have posted links below to the six online sessions of BibleX that we are using during the Choices sermon series.

Introduction Session

Session 1: Conquest

Session 2: Monarchy

Session 3: Decline

Session 4: Exile

Session 5: Return