Choices: Discerning God's Way

Donny Wisniewski

I was truly amazed by the simplicity. How each time I ask, I feel like I get the same answer. I thought, perhaps there is a reason that sometimes, when I need to step out in faith, or make a big decision, there is so much uncertainty. So, I went to Him, in my quiet time. I asked Him..."Lord, I am not sure which way to go, there seem to be several options". As I waited, He began to show me, why it was so complicated. Why, there were options. How the enemy places options in the mix, options that look great to us, but they are like a mirage in the desert. Beyond that, there was this small fear to make the wrong decision, and I continued to wait. His answer, should've come as no surprise. His message is very consistent...I could not hear His voice. I could not see where He was pointing. I wanted the decision on my terms and in my timing. He simply said...get closer, spend time with me...and you will recognize my voice. You will see what is best for HIM in this decision (because I wanted to benefit in this decision). You will have a great peace about His reveal. He, is a jealous God, and desires your love for Him, He desires just you and Him and the peace and quiet necessary to focus on Him. I see it now Lord, I see what you were really after, you wanted me closer. You wanted me to put away the distractions, close my eyes and just think about you. Then, you will open my eyes and ears to your direction.

I have to learn that there will be more opportunities and decisions in my path, and each time I need to know that in His presence are His answers. Now, I am looking forward to that next fork in the road. Where He can sit me down and show me things through His eyes, that is why He deserves so much Glory! How much time is required in His presence??? I'm not sure He's bound by time, it's probably best if we don't go in with an agenda or other things on our list.

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