Our Quiet Times...It's About Relationship

Donny Wisniewski

Did you learn something today in your quiet time with Him? Did He take you by the hand into a new understanding? Or, did He just ask you to rest in His presence? Did you share with Him the things that concern you? Does He know where you are struggling? He uses that time for all of that.

He, is clearly invested in the relationship, are you? Purpose to have a continual dialogue with Him. That quiet time is the cup of coffee you have with a close friend, and the continual dialogue is sort of your back and forth text messaging throughout the day. Keep the conversation going. As things arise in your day, turn to Him and say..."this is what I was talking about", and ask Him to give you the vision and wisdom to walk it out. It's not truly a lesson learned unless you are living the change.

What really matters here is what He wants to do with that change in your life. As His disciples there is a checklist of values we have to walk out, there is a mindset we must maintain, and the problem is, we are creatures of habit. We have been trained from early on to react and demonstrate certain behaviors. Now He has Kingdom behaviors that He is requiring us to live out. We can not look out of balance on these things my friend, saying one thing and living another. Just know that all of us have a long checklist of behaviors that He is patiently working through with us.

We struggle in certain areas because He wants to address those things, He has to undo those bad habits. Our stubbornness only makes the lesson last longer. Keep that dialogue going all day today friends, and watch the wisdom He unfolds before you. He will help you walk it out.