Why Church? Small Group Curriculum

It's an important question to ask. These days, when time is at a premium and there are so many other things to do, why make room for church in my weekly routine?

Is church a relic of the past--a largely meaningless social gathering that is more about instilling guilt and producing boredom than adding value to my life? Is it worth my time to be involved with church? Can a case be made for the importance of--the value of--church?

We think so!

Here is your small group curriculum for this sermon series:

Week 1: Why Church?

Week 2: Why Church?

Week 3: Why Church?

Week 4: Why Church?

Week 5: Why Church?

Pray Bold Prayers

  • Note: Joe Horness was unable to fly into Erie due to weather.  Pray Bold Prayers is the video message from LifeChurch.tv that was used for this weekend.

Week 7: Why Church?