Help Leader Larry - An Interactive Exercise

In this post, you have the opportunity to participate in helping a small group leader with an issue that he faces on an ongoing basis.  Read the story, then share your thoughts in the reply field below.Let's all chip in and share some ideas!

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Larry's group has been meeting consistently for six months. They have enjoyed their study on missional small groups, and everyone has had a lot of ideas and thoughts to share. One week they discussed getting involved regularly in the community as a group, and Courtney immediately identified an ongoing need at the local elementary school. The group members were really excited about the idea and started brainstorming how they might fill the need. Debbie, though, mentioned about 15 reasons it wouldn't work.

Another week they discussed inviting friends and family members to small-group meetings and events to give them a picture of Christian community. Hank shared that he'd been thinking about inviting his neighbor Mike, and this discussion was prompting him to take that step. The group prayed together that Mike would visit the group and that they could show him a glimpse of authentic Christian living. Debbie, though, commented that Mike would never come, and even if he did, she wouldn't want to share in front of a stranger.

This week the group discussed how offering prayer for the needs of their friends and family members who are unbelievers can be a great witness. Sally shared how she had the opportunity to pray for a coworker who recently had been diagnosed with cancer. Her coworker had been encouraged by Sally's offer to pray for him in his need. Debbie, though, commented that Sally should not have gotten his hopes up because God doesn't answer prayers like that very often.

That was the last straw for Larry. Debbie's discouraging comments are bringing down the whole group. He's worried that if Debbie keeps making these comments, the group will become an unsafe place and group members will be discouraged from living out what they're learning. Maybe Debbie's just bringing an honest opinion to the discussion, or maybe she's just being negative. Larry isn't sure how to handle this situation.

What should Larry do?

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