Coach Training!

If you are a small group leader, chances are that you have a McLane coach who was at our recent training session.

We are busy getting prepared to work with you using the the new RightNow Training service that McLane Church is implementing this year.

This is an excellent online supplement to our coaching that will allow you and our other leaders to be able to take advantage of somehelpful and targeted information that can help us improve in how we lead our small well as other areas of ministry at McLane Church.


The training session was a lot of fun, as the folks broke into four different groups with the task of creating a training module, or "post" as it is referred to by RightNow.  The groups were free to pick any topic, and come up with a training session that would incorporate the various elements of RightNow.  Afterward, each group presented their module, explaining how they did it and any difficulties or discoveries that they encountered.


Next up will be the opportunity for you to come and see RightNow in action.  The dates for these sessions have changed. WE WILL NOT HAVE TRAINING THIS WEEKEND (OCT. 15/16) AS ORIGINALLY ANNOUNCED.  The revised dates for these sessions will be November 12/13.  Please plan to attend one of these sessions as a part of your weekend worship experience at McLane.