GroupLife Center - A Fresh Look. A New Concept.

Your GroupLife Center has undergone a makeover this summer!

Drop in and browse...

As promised earlier this year, we are putting a strong emphasis on providing a place where you can come to get ideas for taking your group to the next level in their discipleship.  You will find a nice variety of small group studies, arranged by topic or group category.  The room has been reconfigured to allow a user-friendly experience of browsing these materials at your leisure.

If you wish to use the McLane sermon series questions that the pastors write each week, you will find copies available for you to pick up in the center.  However if your group wants to try something else, the GLC can provide you with ideas for consideration.

There is a laptop computer in the GLC for your use in doing this research while you are in the Center. We have updated this group leader website with information on the curriculum options that you will find on display in the GLC.  To find them just look to the right of this article to see the sub-categories under Curriculum Recommendations.  Click on any of them and check it out.  The curriculum listing on our website will tell you about the study, give you a preview of the video if it is a DVD-based study, and provide links to online vendors where you can purchase the resources for your group.  We hope you will enjoy how these resources work together to help you out.

We're always looking to improve, so please don't hesitate to give us your ideas. There's a suggestion box in the Center, you can drop a comment in the reply section below, send us an email ( or just hang out with us on the weekend and tell us what you're thinking.  We hope to see you in the Center!