Coaching & RightNow Training - Coming Soon!

On Thursday, September 8th, our worship center was filled with McLane Church volunteers from all ministry areas and sites, gathered for a wonderful meal served by the staff and to hear Brian cast the vision for our next five years together. Then after a short break, various ministry area training workshops gave people who are serving in those areas a great opportunity to get briefed on what is coming up in the year ahead.

And there is a major change in the coaching model for our GroupLife small group leaders coming your way in the coming weeks!  If you didn't get to our workshop, we would like you to watch the video below, then fill out the form below the video.

The video runs about 24 minutes, and it will take you about 5 minutes to complete the form.  Please give us a half hour of your time so that we can serve you better as one of our small group leaders.  Click here if you wish to see the page of the presentation that Bill is referencing in his talk.




Thanks for watching the video...we hope you are looking forward to how RightNow Training will improve the way we support you in your group leadership.

Before you go....please take another five minutes to click on this link and complete the response form for us.  Thanks again.