Messy - Weekly Devotional

How do you deal with the messiness of your life?  Are you the only one who seems to have a disordered life?  You'll be glad to know that everyone has challenges in their life of one form or another.  What does God have to say about our our messy lives?  Does he care?  Does he offer hope?  Does he offer help?

We provide these weekly devotional guides to help you and your small group members stay plugged into the sermon throughout the following week.  Feel free to pick up a copy at the church or download one from this page.  If you plan to print it out, be aware that the devotional is formatted on an 81/2 x 14 sheet.  You can also access the daily reading on the main church website.

Week 1: "What a Mess!"

Week 2: “Messy Families – David and His Sons” 

Week 3: "Messy Endings - David's Death"

Week 4: "Messy Spirituality - Solomon and the High Places"

Week 5: "God in the Mess - Solomon's Temple"

"Week 6: "Making a Mess - The Choices of Rehoboam and Jeroboam"

"Week 7: "Miracles in the Mess - Elijah on Mount Carmel"

Week 8: "Voices in the Mess - Micaiah and the False Prophets"