Messy - Small Group Curriculum

Got a messy life?  Here's the good're not alone!  EVERYONE has messiness in their lives from time to time...even the greatest kings of Israel.

Join us for our fall series: "Messy: Hope for Disordered Lives."  We'll discover much about ourselves through the book of 1 Kings...and what God's plan is to bring us help in our times of need.

Click on the links below for the small group questions corresponding to each week's sermon.

Week 1: "What a Mess!"

Week 2: “Messy Families – David and His Sons”

Week 3: "Messy Endings - David's Death"

Week 4:  Messy Spirituality - Solomon and the High Places

"Week 5: “God in the Mess – Solomon’s Temple”

Week 6: "Making a Mess - The Choices of Rehoboam & Jeroboam

"Week 7: "Miracles in the Mess - Elijah on Mount Carmel"

Week 8: "Voices in the Mess - Micaiah and the False Prophets"