Foundations Series

Foundations is the Gold Medallion award-winning complete resource for teaching believers the essential doctrines of Christian faith, providing the theological basis for living a purpose-driven life.

Give your group members the key that can

• enable them to see how beliefs change behavior • lessen their day-to-day stress level • increase their security in an insecure world • help them raise their kids with a right perspective on life • increase their love for and trust in God

The 44 sessions in Foundations will take you for thought-provoking, life-changing explorations of 11 core Christian truths.  NOTE: Your group does not have to do each of the topics in this series...each topic is a stand-alone 4-session subject with its own DVD and participant guide.

Participant guides and the DVDs are available for purchase online.  Click on each topic below to review the purchase information for the participant guide. The link for the DVD component is listed right afterwards.

1. The Bible and the DVD

2. God and the DVD

3. Jesus and the DVD

4. The Holy Spirit and the DVD

5. Creation and the DVD

6. Salvation and the DVD

7. Sanctification and the DVD

8. Good and Evil and the DVD

9. The Afterlife and the DVD

10. The Church and the DVD

11. The Second Coming and the DVD