The Miracles of Jesus

Healer of diseases. Master of nature. Conqueror of demons and death. Jesus not only preached the kingdom of God in word, but he demonstrated it in power through his miraculous deeds. In six engaging, interactive small group sessions, this study will give you a unique, in-depth look at the miracles of Jesus. Your eyes will be opened to their impact on the lives he touched, what they reveal about God's heart, and their significance for you today.

The participant guide has maps and pictures, outlines, key Scripture verses, discussion questions, plenty of room for note taking, and a personal five-day Bible study for each session, this participant's guide will help you get the most out of The Miracles of Jesus, both in your group and in applying what you learn to your life.

This is a six session DVD-based study.  Participant guides and the DVD are available for purchase online.