The Last Days of Jesus

Do you ever feel dead—spiritually dead?

Do you ever wonder, “If Christianity is supposed to be so great and Jesus’ death was supposed to take care of everything, why is my life so messed up?”

It is only when we drink deeply from the life and death of Jesus—understanding the main events of his death—that we can find a full life.

These studies (along with "The Life of Jesus") invite us to see the behind-the-scenes truth of the main events of Jesus’ death—so that his death can affect our where we the midst of our weaknesses and failures.

With maps and pictures, outlines, key scripture verses, discussion questions, plenty of room for note taking, and a personal five-day Bible study for each session, this participant’s guide will help you get the most out of The Life of Jesus, both in your group and in applying what you learn to your life.

This is a  six session DVD-based study.  Participant guides and the DVD are available online for purchase.