Mission Possible: Lessons from Nehemiah

What do you think about when you hear the word leadership? Do you envision famous individuals accomplishing great feats? Do you think of the myriad of leadership books? Do you contemplate what life could be like if you were a great leader? Do you even consider yourself a leader? When God thinks about leadership, He thinks about you! Leadership is influence and every one of us influences someone whether it is in the home, the office, the neighborhood or at school.

Mission Possible examines the life of one of the great leaders, Nehemiah. This prominent politician accomplished a seemingly impossible task using timeless leadership principles. Improve your influence as you download the principles from the journal of Nehemiah.

This six-part study includes a Leader's Guide and Creative Notes for each session.

Participant guides are available for purchase online.

Week One: Ready, Set, Hire! - Recognizing Leadership

Week Two: Master Caster - Imparting Your Vision to Others

Week Three: The Lone Danger - Unravel the Mysteries of the Trinity

Week Four: Dances With Wolves - Overcoming Opposition as a Leader

Week Five: Honorable Mention - Leading With Integrity

Week Six: Die Hard - Understanding the Power of Persistence