Life Application Bible Studies - New Living Translation

Whether you're teaching a class, leading a small group, or just looking for a challenging personal study, Life Application Bible Studies are for you. Everything you need for understanding the books of the New Testament and applying them to your life is included and arranged for 13 lessons, 60 or 90 minutes long:

  • The complete text of of the New Testament books from the New Living Translation
  • Easy-to-understand study notes covering background, history, geography, and culture
  • An extensive commentary
  • Application notes
  • Charts, maps, and profiles of Bible people (as seen in the Life Application Study Bible)
  • 13 lessons with study questions to stimulate thought, discussion and practical application
Note: Most of the study guides in this series are not available for review in the GroupLife Center.  However a couple of them are on hand for you to gain a sense of how these studies are formatted and if they would be appropriate for your small group.  Also, if you click any of the links below for a particular study, you may click on the “additional views” link underneath the picture of the study guide.  This will enable you to preview the study.
Listed below are links to information about each study that is presently available in this series: