Acts - NLT Life Application Bible Studies

Thirteen lessons through the book of Acts brings you through the birth and growth of the Christian church. The events following the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His ascension, what happened to the apostles and how they handled it, along with a detailed account of Paul—the apostle to the Gentiles—and his missionary journeys completes the historical information which began in the gospel accounts.

Life Application Bible Studies include:

  • The complete text of the book being studied from the New Living Translation
  • Easy-to-understand study notes covering background, history, geography, and culture
  • Application notes to help you apply God's word to your life
  • Charts, maps and profiles of Bible people that present biblical truths in unique and helpful ways
  • Study questions thoughtfully arranged and suitable for individual or group use
  • Special application questions at the end of each lesson to help you map out your personal action plan
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This study is part of the NLT Life Application Bible Study series.  Click here for more information on other studies in this series.

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