Recovering from Divorce: Overcoming the Death of a Dream

None of us got married with the hope of heartbreaks, shattered dreams, and divorce court. Sure, lots of people end up in divorce, but this was never supposed to happen in our life, in our marriage! Divorce is what happens to other people who don’t love each other. Being a part of a divorce recovery group is the last place we ever wanted be. We never anticipated that the word “divorce” and our names would be used in the same sentence, and now we can identify with Job when he says, “The very thing I feared has come upon me,” meaning, “The very thing I never imagined possible has crashed into my life.”

It’s no exaggeration to refer to divorce as a “death.” When two people are joined in marriage, they become one, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Divorce rips apart that fabric of two people that have become one. Both people are deeply hurt, and that hurt extends beyond the couple to friends, to family, especially to our children, and even to a struggling culture that looks desperately for stability, permanence, and relational models. Divorce is truly the death of a dream—a death of what could have and should have been. Nobody walks away unscathed. Our fairy tale dies, and our hearts often die with it.

Because divorce is nothing short of a death, there is grieving with a whole host of emotions and struggles. Recovering From Divorce will walk you through the experiences, feelings, and struggles that are common to divorce. God created marriage to be a lifelong relationship, and His heart aches for the pain you’re going through. He wants to guide you to a place of hope where He can rebuild the pieces of your broken life. Together with others who are going through the agonies of divorce, you’ll explore these topics:

  • The Upheaval of Loss
  • Breaking Through the Fog of Depression
  • Closing the Jaws of Anger
  • Experiencing the Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Rising from the Paralysis of Worry
  • Redeeming the Cost of Your Suffering •Loneliness and New Relationships
  • Finding a New Path to Contentment

Healing always occurs best within a caring community. God invites us to take the journey through our grief together so He can redeem our tears and help us to embrace hope and life again.

Participant guides are available online for purchase.

Recovering from Divorce - Sample Lesson

This 8-session study is part of the Picking Up the Pieces series from Serendipity.

Note: We do not have a copy of this study in the GroupLife Center for evaluation.  However we do have a number of the other studies in the Picking Up the Pieces series from which you may be able to form an opinion of its suitability for your group. You may also wish to view the online lesson sample listed above.