Reclaiming Stolen Intimacy: When Your Marriage is Invaded by Pornography

Reclaiming Stolen Intimacy is a powerful Bible study written to help female victims of pornography find the path to healing through honest, interactive Bible study. This study helps women, no matter how long they've been married or dating, to know how to compassionately but firmly deal with this tragedy. It walks women through the experiences, feelings, and struggles that are common to homes invaded by pornography and other sex addictions.

Participant guides are available online for purchase.

This 8-session study is part of the Picking Up the Pieces series from Serendipity.

Note: We do not have a copy of this study in the GroupLife Center for evaluation.  However we do have a number of the other studies in the Picking Up the Pieces series from which you may be able to form an opinion of its suitability for your group.