Redeeming the Tears: A Journey Through Grief & Loss

Excitement, happiness, adventure, love, laughter, freedom, beauty and hope...these are words of life.  From the beginning we were created to live with passion and purpose.  But when life is suddenly disrupted by the loss of someone or something important, everything changes.  Like it or not, we all experience loss in our lives.  Sometimes life is just flat out hard and our pain becomes almost unbearable.

Redeeming the Tears is designed to walk us through our grief, and with the support of those joining us on the journey, guide us to a hopeful place from which God can restore us to live out our lives in abundance, purpose, and hope.  Healing occurs best in the context of community and relationships.  We invite you to utilize this unique experiential resource as a part of a small group or recovery ministry.  God invites us to take the journey through our grief together so He can redeem our tears and help us to embrace hope and life again.

This is an 8-week study, and is part of the Picking Up the Pieces series from Serendipity House.

Participant guides are available for purchase online.