Radical Reconciliation: Healing Broken Relationships

Relationship are complex, and there are many forces at work to sabotage them. We all have busted relationships! Some are new; some are old. Some are fully inflamed; others are just simmering. Sometimes we’re the offender; sometimes we’re the person offended; and sometimes ... we have no clue what the problems is.

In Radical Reconciliation, we’ll go beyond improving or managing our difficult and strained relationships. We’ll pursue their healing. Our goal will be to progressively move toward forgiveness and, in most cases, healthy reconciliation. Although we’re entering uncomfortable territory, bear in mind that we are on healing ground. We’ll encounter some radical ideas that oppose our natural human responses. It will be important for us to remember as we continue on this journey that the work of forgiveness is a supernatural task for which supernatural power is available.

Lewis Smedes, author and noted authority on forgiveness, points out that forgiveness, which is so beyond our natural ability and instincts, is as much of a miracle as walking on the water. Forgiveness definitely sounds like a superhuman quality! For true reconciliation to occur, we need to take the path to true forgiveness, rather than settling for a cheap imitation.

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Radical Reconciliation - Sample Lesson

This 8-session study is part of the Picking Up the Pieces series from Serendipity.

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